Childukhteron, Khatlon, Tajikistan

How to Visit Childukhtaron, Tajikistan

Updated August 2023, How to Visit Childukhtaron, Tajikistan was originally published in October 2021

 A popular destination for local tourists, Childukhtaron Nature Reserve is one steeped in legend. The name Childukhtaron, meaning 40 girls, goes back to the 13th century Mongol Invasion. 

Protecting the village from the wrath of the Mongol Horde, these 40 women fought off the would-be invaders. Upon defeat, the Mongols prayed that the women would remain pure virgins indefinitely, turning them into the jagged crimson and gold spires that give this valley backed by the Hazrat i Shoh Mountains their unique appearance. 

Childukhtaron has become a springtime pilgrimage site, drawing in local visitors near and far to pay their respects to the 40 girls. 

The rock spires of Childukhtaron are best explored on foot, wandering the valley below and continuing further afield into the Childukhtaron Nature Reserve. 

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Childukhteron, Khatlon, Tajikistan

How to get to Childukhtaron

Getting to Childukhtaron is fairly easy considering that it’s a common destination among locals, though to best explore the area it’s recommended to have at least two days, more if you’d like to combine your visit with nearby Sary Khosar Natural Park

By Private Car Hire

The easiest way to visit Childukhtaron Nature Reserve is by hiring a car and driver. This can easily be made as a detour from a Pamir Highway itinerary starting from Dushanbe, for example. This also gives the freedom to combine a visit to Childukhtaron with Sary Khosar Valley, Yakhsu Valley, and other destinations.

By Shared Taxi

Getting to Childukhtaron using shared taxis will likely take 3 vehicles, 2 if you’re lucky. Total drive time each way from Dushanbe will take about 4 hours, not including waiting around for cars to fill up. 

You will most likely need to head to Kulob from Dushanbe. You can find Kulob-bound shared taxis (40 TJS) and minibusses (25 TJS) departing from a bus station on Nemat Karabaev Street.

Once to Kulob, you can look for shared taxis departing to either Khovaling or Muminobod. This should cost around 25 TJS.

From Muminobod, it may be easier to get in a car headed to Childukhtaron with other passengers for a few Somoni. Starting from Khovaling, you can expect to pay 250 TJS to hire a vehicle to take you on a return trip to Childukhtaron. 

I hired a car from Khovaling to Childukhtaron after arriving in Khovaling from a separate adventure to Sary Khosar from Baljuvon and recommend approaching Childukhtaron from the rough road from Khovaling. The rolling hills around Khovaling were a pale green, somewhat reminiscent of my time in Italy. 

Combine Childukhtaron with a visit to Sary Khosar Valley

Continuing to the Yakhsu Valley

It’s possible for intrepid visitors with a 4WD to route back to Khovaling from Childukhtaron and continue along a rough track to the northeast along the Yakhsu River. This will eventually bring you to the town of Tavildara along the Northern Route of the Pamir Highway (I’d have loved to do this but didn’t make it happen!).

Childukhteron, Khatlon, Tajikistan

Where to stay in Childukhtaron

A hotel does exist close to Childukhtaron. If you get too late a start from Dushanbe you can find guesthouses in Muminobod and Khovaling for the night. 

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The best time to visit Childukhtaron

The best time to visit would be in May and June when the Hazrat i Shoh Mountains are at their most verdant for the year. 

Childukhteron, Khatlon, Tajikistan

Have any questions about visiting Childukhtaron?

Ask in the comments section below. 

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2 thoughts on “How to Visit Childukhtaron, Tajikistan”

  1. Hello Nicole, great blog! It is helping us in organizing our Pamir trip.
    I have read somewhere that there should be a new road connecting Khovaling to Muminobod. Since you are often in Tajikistan and have many contacts there, do you know if it is true and if the road is driveable in June?
    Also, where is Childukhtaron exactly? I cannot find the exact spot on the map, is it between Baljuvon and Khovaling or is it in the north of Muminobod?
    Thanks a lot for your precious info. We will buy they Iati insurance through your link.

    1. Enjoy Tajikistan and the Pamir!

      I came from the north, so went to Khovaling from the Sary Khosar Valley and then from Khovaling found a ride to Childukhtaron. It is located north of Muminobod and east of Khovaling, the coordinates are: 38.318749, 70.163686. I did this in June 2021 without any troubles so you should be fine making it there.

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